Glutacell 500gr Procell

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PROCELL’S GLUTACELL is the ideal Glutamine for recovery and for avoiding catabolism not only for the kyowa quality of this glutamine but also for having added a vitamin B6 complex.

This vitamin is related to the best energy regulation of our body and increases absorption by the different metabolic pathways of Glutamine. Thus, Procell offers the glutamine that possibly innovates the most in the market.

It also adds two delectable flavors, one is orange for all those who take it in moments of fatigue and prefer a fresh aroma and the other one is cola, for people with the most demanding palate and sweet tooth.

Glutamine is the amino acid most present in the human body, hence, its importance at a nutritional and sporting level.

It is the amino acid responsible for muscle recovery and for avoiding catabolism due to overexertion or oxidative stress. In addition, it also delays fatigue.

Thus, it is the ideal sports supplement for all types of athletes because it is recommended both for explosive work and for long-lasting physical and / or hard work.


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Glutacell 500gr Procell

Glutacell 500gr Procell