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Procell presents its new line of rice flours with a wide range of delicious flavors.


Rice flour for this high content of carbohydrates and for the large amount of vitamins and minerals it contains (niacin, Vitamin D, thiamine, rioflavine, calcium and iron) is a great source of energy with the minimum supply of fats and sugars.

It is also ideal for people who are gluten-intolerant or celiac-free as a gluten-free product.


Procell rice flour is a product made from progelatinized rice flour, which means it has undergone a grinding process, which causes its dissolution into water, milk or any drink is possible and that digestion is not heavy.


Thanks to the variety of flavors that Procell presents to us (chocolate, custard with biscuits, strawberry, white chocolate, cookies and unflavoured) we can enjoy this new product in both drinks and delicious recipes of pastry.