Carnicell 3000 - L-Carnitina

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Procell's CarniCell 3000 is the purest L-carnitine that can be found. The proof of this is the seal of quality that assures us its purity indicating that it is 100% Carnipure® (patent that guarantees the purity of L-carnitine). Due to its purity, quality and the mega dose of 2500mg of carnipure per 25mL the weight loss is guaranteed with success. Moreover, Procell has designed the 100% CDR product of pyridoxine, vitamin B6, which is related to the most energy metabolic processes, offering more fat potency and a good combination to increase the absorption of carnitine. CarniCell 3000 also gives us 500 mg of acetyl L-carnitine. Acetyl L-carnitine shares with L-carnitine its property to introduce fatty acids into the bloodstream of the mitochondria from the bloodstream. However, it differs from it in the way that it can cross the blood-brain barrier, offering an improvement in neurotransmitters. Significantly increases the sensitivity and stimulus of the relationship between glucose uptake with insulin, to insulin.

It must be emphasized that l-carnitine in solution is absorbed more completely and quickly than in the powder or tablet state, which is why Procell has opted for the format that offers the best results.

L-Carnitine stimulates the use of fatty acids in our small energy engines called mitochondria, where fats will burn or oxidize to release energy.

Thus, L-Carnitina, apart from reducing our adipose accumulations, it provides energy of fat directly, the most interesting for athletes and for everybody in general. Therefore, this sport supplement can be used for two different purposes: one of them is the reduction of fats because of doing physical activity and the other one provides more energy for high endurance and prolonged strength tests or for periods of low calories diet.

L-Carnitina use to have a bitter taste, in this case, Procell has added flavours and a little quantity of quick release of carbohydrates. This added will provide more energy in any physical activity and will give a nice flavour to this product which is ideal for loss of fats.


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Carnicell 3000 - L-Carnitina

Carnicell 3000 - L-Carnitina


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