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Lipocell is a Procell fat burner completely free of exciters. Based on pure plant extracts with thermogenic functions, metabolic accelerators, fat and sugar blockers, thermogenic, diuretic and with the presence of the most known L-Carnitine, Cla and acetyl-I-tyrosine. It is a mixture that allows you to lose weight due to the destruction of adipose tissue and eliminate weight you desire without any over-excitement, bad mood or anxiety.

As a thermogenic mixture it contains the extracts of raspberry ketone, green tea, African mango, green coffee and bioperine. All of them endorsed and studied within the world of nutrition as fat reducers from the spending of calories by its thermogenic effect. This thermogenic mixture is complemented in the best way with the metabolic accelerators contained in Procell's Lipocell. Specifically, it contains the mixture of guggul extracts and forskolin. Its purpose is to make our body work with machinery 100% and use fats as an energy source for this process.

To this mixture of extracts is added acetyl-l-tyrosine, the amino acid derivative responsible for regulating and properly functioning our thyroid and with it our metabolism. As fat and hydrate-blocking extracts contains garcinia cambogia, rich in hydroxycitric acid, which blocks the digestive enzymes of fats and carbohydrates nullifying the ability for these to be absorbed and accumulated in our body. In its lipotropic composition could not fail the two compounds that are most known in the world of weight loss when it relates to sports. These are the most studied and known L-carnitine that is complemented with CLA linoleic acid.

These two substances are characterized by being specific burners of fats in addition to helping to regulate the percentages of cholesterol. Finally it has been added in the same way as the powerful Thermocell a high amount of extract of horsetail and dandelion that will reduce the accumulation of liquids in our body by its draining and detoxifying effect which contributes to weight loss.

In this way, Procell completes the range of fat burners and weight loss with a lipotropic as effective as we can return at any time of day without fear of losing sleep or suffer the anxiety that some fat burners could provide.


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