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MultiCell Pro of Procell is the most completed bet and the most innovative that the nutritional and sport supplements presents. The word multivitamin lacks ambition from its definition which apart from being multivitamin it has more capacities. This supplement incorporates joints protectors and regenerators, a cleanser complex of our organism, an antioxidant system, a strengthener complex of muscles and anticatabolic. It is a system studied of minerals, extracts and amino acids which provide us energy apart from a good neuronal function. Finally, it is a lipotropic mixture that makes fat difficult to accumulate and harm our health as well as our physical aspect. Moreover, it is presented in a effervescent envelope with a red fruits flavour. Thus, there is no need to intake a thousand of pills which a lot of athletes or elder people who are injured, who have cholesterol or other illnesses consume.

The multavitamin complex and of mineral salts is composed by all the vitamins and minerals necessary for athletes or for people who wants to have a healthy lifestyle. It has 200% of CDR of the B and C vitamins and with them, it provides, apart from a favourable energetic mood, a good use of the fats and carbohydrates and a good protein fixing. Fat-soluble vitamins are essential but at the same time toxic in excess. For this reason, they have been fixed with 100% of CDR as a maximum, to guarantee the required intake without exceeding of vitamin D3, vitamin E and vitamin A. As metals it should be noted the amount of zinc introduced, since it is related to good hormonal and energy regulation in both men and women. Another interesting complex at health level of MultiCell Pro is the cleanser mixture which has a similar effect to the well-known detoxifying green juices. This complex is composed by a cardo mariano extract, a potential hepatic and renal cleanser; reduced glutathione, one of the most important liver enzyme regulators that exists and a pancreas cleanser. It not only acts as a repairing one but also preventing the accumulation of toxins and facilitating digestion, for this Digezyme probiotics and digestive enzymes have been added.

It should be noted the powerful antioxidant mix that incorporates Procell Pro product. With a gram of omega 3 per dose (and without bad taste for using the microencapsulated omega 3) it already guarantees a good regulation of cholesterol and decreases the oxidation due to stress or bad habits of life. In addition, to increase the antioxidant potential of this supplement it incorporates the more than used alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), the recognized green tea extract very rich in polyphenols and the most antioxidant falvonoids that exists: the citrus bioflavonoids.

Although not being satisfied with all this mixture that would guarantee good health, the engineering of Procell wanted to innovate protecting and repairing joints and muscle mass, since both athletes and elderly or highly stressed people often suffer from muscle or joint pain. To this end, it incorporates glutamine and Bcaa's, the amino acids most used by athletes and present in all nutritional supplements for the elderly. It contains the most studied and used mixture to heal joints as protectors and joint regenerators: glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate.


Finally, to start our training with the maximum performance, Procell has introduced an energetic complex and neuronal stimulanting to MultiCell Pro. With a mixture of complex hydrates such as maltodextrin and Inulin it ensures that we do not run out of energy. It also introduces a high content of tryptophan and tyrosine, amino acids responsible for regulating the energy and metabolism of human beings. You could not miss the most used natural energy sources such as piperine, synergy, ginseng, L-carnitine and ginko biloba, which in addition to having a mental stimulation and concentration effect it have a fat burning (lipotropic) effect.




Mucha energía

Estaba cansado antes de tomarme estas vitaminas. Ahora tengo fuerza durante todo el dia cuando estoy trabajando.


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MultiCell Pro

MultiCell Pro