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Period Cell is the product that Procell presents exclusively and unique for the female audience. This product is formulated by the need of athletes or sedentary women who have problems with their menstrual period (pain, dysregulation, intermittent staining, pain associated with menopause, fluid retention). It has even been tested with several Procell team athletes and it has been proven that with only one bottle, amenorrhea can be overcome and the period can be restored after a period of strict diet or stress.

Period Cell combines three different fields that by joining them we manage to avoid amenorrhea and pains due to hormonal dysregulation or due to fluid retention in the period of ovulation / menstruation. This supplement as we have said is structured and attacks the menstrual cycle by three sides: hormonal well-being and sexual health, natural anti-inflammatories and metabolic regulators.

The block of hormonal well-being and sexual health is composed of a basic extract to recover the menstrual period, about which many doctors have already spoken and there are studies that support its properties to increase progesterone and decrease prolactin. We are talking about the extract of agnus castus, better known as Vitex. It also incorporates Maca Andina, a plant widely used in South America to regulate the menstrual period and reduce the pain of the ovulation period. To complete the formula on a hormonal level Ashwaganda is added, an adaptogen with very interesting properties in terms of sexual health, libido and hormonal well-being.

The second block is a set of substrates and extracts whose main function is to deflate the woman's body, either at the level of ovaries, accumulated liquids or even at the joint level. To do this, several substances have been mixed, such as omega 3, turmeric extracts, cat's claw and celery and cabbage extract.

The third block is basically made up of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and Guggul extract. Vitamins and minerals will provide good general health in addition to good metabolic regulation. Acetyl-l-tyrosine together with Guggul extract improve our TSH and regulate the thyroid naturally. To regulate the insulin peaks and avoid typical attacks of hunger, chromium picolinate is added, the best satiating at the biochemical level. The l-arginine and n-acetylcysteine are added to improve health at the kidney (sometimes hurt the area of ​​the kidneys) and to allow our body to be healthy inside.

Thanks to Period Cell 84 caps. of Procell we achieve better sexual and general health; a hormonal regulation and we avoid the loss of the period, or in case of amenorrhea, we achieve the normal appearance of the rule; and we diminish the typical discomforts of the period such as inflammation, abdominal pains, fluid retention, or the uncontrollable desire to take sugary things.


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