Pre-Work Cell 300gr

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Procell's Pre-WorkCell is the most complete and powerful nitric oxide based pre-training in the Spanish market. Its composition is based on arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (the most bioactive) boosted by vinitrox and beta-alanine. Thus, Pre-WorkCell offers a super-oxygenation at the muscular level in addition to great power, focus and unlimited energy. In addition, it includes bcaa`s and other amino acids in charge of avoiding catabolism to avoid any type of catabolism and to offer anaerobic energy in order to offer maximum potency without loss of muscular mass. To increase our energy and ability to concentrate even more, natural caffeine and guarana have been incorporated.

As always, the added of B vitamins most related to the strength and longevity of energy makes it an innovation of Procell. Arginine is an amino acid that can break down to give blood in the bloodstream nitric oxide, a gas that has the function of increasing blood pressure, offering better oxygen and nutrient fluid to the muscle.

The Pre-WorkCell incorporates the arginine alfacetogultarato that, when going with the alpha-ketoglutarate anion, will offer us greater absorption due to its similarity with our organism and greater energy when this anion is included in energy cycles.

To enhance its vasodilator effect vinitrox is added, a mixture of smoked polyphenols from the grape and apple extract that was designed solely and exclusively for sporting purposes. By adding beta-alanine, we increase carnosin in our muscle cells, this will offer us anaerobic energy immediately through ATP to perform explosive work such as weightlifting, martial arts and even slopes that appear in the path of a runner or cyclist.

To enhance the explosiveness and energy of a mental form includes a mixture of natural caffeine and guarana in proportions studied with our athletes. Natural caffeine assimilated very fast but has the defect that it often causes "downturns", so ProCell engineering also adds guarana, a stimulant slower than caffeine but longer lasting which combined offer us almost 5 hours of energy without limit, in addition to a greater mental capacity.

Moreover, we add branched amino acids, to avoid catabolism and to offer nitrogen instantly to our body, and as usual a mixture of B vitamins to improve the absorption, concentration, metabolism and energy status of the athlete. The B6 is related to the absorption and metabolism of arginine, betalanine and bcaa's. Vitamin B12 is related to the improvement of the oxygenation of our body. And the B3 is related to the hormonal regulation and with the oxidation and reduction of the coenzymes derived from the NADH.


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Pre-Work Cell 300gr

Pre-Work Cell 300gr

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