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Reco Premium is the recovery complex of Procell composed of Bcaa'ss and Glutamine as the RecoCell but with an addition of substrates that improve its absorption, complement its recovery and help our muscles feel stronger and resistant to any sporting activity that we perform.


Reco Preimum contains a mixture of 50% KYOWA glutamine and 50% Bcaa's in the ratio 4:1:1 AJINOMOTO, which can be used by vegans and diabetics because this recovery complex is also free of sugar. As a novelty and improvement of recovery and our muscular capacity, incorporates D-aspartic acid, an amino acid increasingly used in sports supplementation for the metabolic and hormonal improvements that occur in our body. So not only will we recover our muscle tissue but also the hormones that protect it and synthesize it without being any dopant or dangerous substance.


Another important block to highlight this supplement is the mixture of vitamins of group B, which is not missing any that is related to the sport through scientific research articles, ensuring a better absorption of the amino acids that strengthens the muscle and remove the danger of muscle injuries. Selenium is also related to these characteristics, a mineral that is also known for its powerful antioxidant power.


The most innovative elements of this supplement are in this block. On the one hand, the phosphatidylserine that will reduce our cortisol levels and increase our focus on training, but also as a great interest in the Reco Premium which being a phospholipid, makes the products of this mixture more permissible to our muscle cells, thus ensuring a faster absorption and therefore recovery. On the other hand, we have the Zinc, Boron and Chromium salts that are related to muscle development, muscle recovery, energy storage and hormonal regulation.


These three large blocks make up a supplement that besides recovering with the amino acids, will give us a synergy with mineral salts and vitamins that will improve our muscle quality, avoid catabolism and weight loss due to muscle loss and improve our hormonal health. All of this achieved in a rapid absorption process thanks to the incorporation of phosphatidylserine that enhances our cognitive functions.


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Reco Premium 450gr

Reco Premium 450gr

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