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RecoveryCell RecoveryCell is the most complete and effective recovery of Procell and probably of the entire Spanish market.

This recuperator has been formulated to guarantee a good recovery in the three routes that must be performed: intramuscular glycogen and glucose levels in blood, fibers and muscle structure and lead to a good electrolyte balance and a correct pH in our cells. To recover the glycogen intramuscular and hepatic,

Procell’s Recovery Cell includes three carbohydrates of different times of gastric emptying and different glycemic index. As a sugar for a good recovery of blood glucose Procell has thought about fructose, with a medium digestion but a really low glycemic index value. For a complete recovery of intramuscular glycogen, engineers have thought of Palatinase, a fast-gastric emptying and with a great glycogen recovery capacity. To complete the absorption and recovery it also incorporates maltodextrin, the carbohydrate most used by athletes.

After any physical activity, the muscle mass and muscle fibers suffer oxidation and micro-burns. Then, this Procell recuperator incorporates BCAA's and Glutamine, the amino acids most used and studied to recover and regenerate muscle tissue. It also incorporates citrulline malate, beta-alanine and arginine to redirect the cells to a correct pH, to a lower over-oxidation and to an easier elimination of intracellular waste.

The third block of recovery is a mixture of electrolytes that not only recover our ionic balance at the intracellular level but also will prevent overtraining, fatigue after training and return the balance of electrolytes in our body, which allows a better and quicker recovery.

Real interest is given to the proportions and chelated anions of these electrolytes since they offer the best and fastest absorption because they are more bioabsorbable. To complete all of this, we have a great variety of antioxidants, neurotransmitters and digestive enzymes to make this supplement the most complete in terms of healthy and sport level that could exist. As always, Procell offers it in a fresh watermelon flavour and an extraordinary dissolution.


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Recovery Cell

Recovery Cell

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