Thermocell Premium 90 cáps

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Thermocell Premium is the new burner formula that Procell presents in its premium line. This burner deserves the mention of premium not only for its seven patents but for the combination and synergy between the ingredients that offer this burner a power to reduce weight and fat volume without equal.

Thermocell Premium consists of a thermogenic complex composed of guarana extract, maté herb and synephrine. To this thermogenic trident, the synergy between green tea and green coffee is added, which together create a mixture that we will easily notice due to the increase of our body temperature and a great capacity for concentration and work. It should be said that green coffee is of SVETOL purity. At the level of high caloric expenditure we also have the patented forskolin, FORSLEAN, and BIOPERINE that will accelerate our metabolism giving more energy and more calorie burning.

As a second block we have the OB-X complex, an American patent endorsed by different scientific studies that demonstrate the great power of burning fat exclusively and exclusively abdominal, which will allow our six-pack to shine. The other two patents, IGOB 131 and GARCITRIX, diminish the effect of sugars by providing more resistance to insulin, offer satiety for their types of fibers, decrease resistance to leptin (a hormone that reminds our brain that we are hungry) ) and therefore effectively reducing our appetite.

To make a formula of the most effective and destructive of fats, Procell engineering has opted to incorporate a mixture composed of Chitosan and NEOPUNTIA that will block the absorption of fats and thus make Thermocell Premium a burner that will attack fats from all sides possible: thermogenesis, metabolic acceleration and fat blocking.

In order to also avoid water retention, stress or lack of concentration due to low-carbohydrate diets in times of weight loss, Procell integrates phosphatylserine in the formula. It also facilitates the metabolism of fats and the absorption of all the compounds that make up this powerful and ingenious fat burner.




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Thermocell Premium 90 cáps

Thermocell Premium 90 cáps