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PROCELL’S THERMOCELL is not only a fat burner. Thanks to a large number of natural extracts it is a powerful diuretic and appetizing SACIANTE.

Some of these extracts are:

• -Ext. Guarana

• -Ext. Fucus

• -Ext. Nutmeg

• -Ext. Green Tea

• -Ext Matte grass

• -Ext. Lion tooth

• -Ext. Pony tail

In the same way THERMO CELL also has as a component CAFFEINE to perform its role THERMOGENIC AND FAT BURNER, which acts as a stimulant of the central nervous system that produces a temporary effect of restoring the level of alertness, and L-tyrosine a non-essential amino acid that helps us to accelerate our metabolism with the consequent trigger to burn fat more easily.

But this is not all, as we have said.

THERMO CELL not only helps us burn fat and eliminate fluid retention, but also helps us mobilize toxins from our body with a final component such as GLUCORONOLACTONE, a glucose carbohydrate that participates in detoxification processes of our organism. Furthermore, it is also used as a precursor to the synthesis of ascorbic acid, a great antioxidant that we are not able to synthesize on our own.

Thanks to the great selection of components that THERMO CELL provides, and the synergy between them, it provides us with everything we for weight loss in competition or simply for weight loss.


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Thermocell Procell

Thermocell Procell