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Drenacell is the product based on natural extracts that Procell presents as a reducer of liquid retention. This complex contains the extracts of the 10 plants with the greatest draining capacity, diuretic and detoxificant. This product helps to reduce water retention and thereby decreases our body volume. Its draining capacity helps to reduce discomfort due to possible swelling of legs or hands and even cellulite. Moreover, at the aesthetic level, it offers us a body free of liquids and allows us to shine the muscle in its most attractive aspect. At the level of health, it is considered that any plant that helps to reduce liquids, also helps to purify our liver and kidneys. The composition of Drenacell is structured in three blocks ordered by the characteristics of the extracts of different plants used in its formulation.

The first group consists of the three most used and studied to reduce the accumulation of liquids and even edema. They are the horsetail, the dandelion and the artichoke. All of them also contribute to the good renal function and there are studies that show the reduction and even destruction of colic.

Another group of extracts related to the decrease of fluid retention in our body and that also enhance the three extracts already mentioned by its synergy. This group consists of extracts of willow, parsley, nettle and ginger. And they are also characterized by its great cleansing power at the level of toxins and heavy metals in our body.

A third group is presented in lower concentration due to its powerful effect that in exorbitant amounts could fatigue our body due to possible dehydration. Therefore, Procell’s processors have introduced them to create a diuretic with a fast and real effect although they have used them in a much smaller amount than the previous ones.

If your goal is to eliminate the discomfort of fluid retention or simply to see yourself more toned and with a rockier muscular texture, this is the supplement that Procell offers.


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